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Be Confident AS 's goal is to present the music with the thoughts of confidence. One artist that is concentrated more on is Drake. He brings out the facts about life. The people in the past may have not been all for you. They didn't want to believe in you.

The people that you thought that were going to follow you ended up giving you a hard time. You thought that they were going to be on your side cause you had a mission to become successful. The struggle was real so therefore you expected them to be on your side when you came up with a plan to improve.

The unfortunate part of your path is you started loosing those who you wanted to follow. They just didn't want to believe in you. Your confidence level decreased because you felt that if you didn't have any supporters, then what you were doing was wrong. The fact of the matter is that you weren't.

You started discovering your focus that you had all along within you. It always was there, you just ignored it. Once you started hearing your favorite music's lyrics though, it started to come closer to the surface. Your thoughts became more clearer as you stopped focusing on what other people thought and what you were thinking.

Little did they know what you were all about because they were not deep into it as much as you. Your confidence brought to you a goal that you wanted to accomplish. Once you had that path of what you intended on doing, you went for it. Just because your idea might not be what others would think about doing right "off the bat" does not mean it isn't a good idea.

You must always remember that an idea is only just that unless you have confidence to back it up. Accomplish your inner confidence first before you pursue your idea. Without it will not get you anywhere. You will start having second thoughts. The trick to keeping your confidence as a priority is to listen to those that have been where you are at and are successful now.

This is why I like to listen to music by Drake.

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