15+ Drake Songs We Must Learn [Confidence Boosting]

15+ Drake's Songs That Will Inspire Your Confidence (Updated)
Have you ever wondered what you look for when you are trying to find your favorite Drake song? Do you think that Drake's music means more to you then just a good song to listen to?

Below, I am going to break down to you what I look for when I listen to Drake's music. I like to find out what it is he is really talking about. It's been a long life for me so far and I want it to slow down now. I think I feel this way because of what I have already went through.

All my life, all I wanted to be is successful. Nothing more, nothing less. At no point did I want millions of dollars just handed to me. I know that sounds insane but it's true. I thought to myself, if that did happen, I would go broke so quickly cause I would spend it on all the stupid stuff that anyone would spend it on. Why? Because it wasn't earned.

I wouldn't care enough about it. At the same time, I did not want to be broke forever eit…

Aaliyah If Your Girl Only Knew [What We Can Learn]

What We Can Learn From Aaliyah If Your Girl Only Knew

Aaliyah If Your Girl Only Knew is about when a man wants to have a side chick while having someone at home that he is supposed to be committed to. Why guys treat their girls like that is beyond my understanding. All I know is that a woman is not dumb. If she finds out she isn't the only one, she will leave him quicker than he will be able to imagine.
He thinks that he has his game down to a science but what usually happens in these cases is both girls drop him like a bad habit. It ruins his confidence but yet he keeps trying to repeat the same thing over and over again. Eventually you would think that he would want to settle down. Sometimes these type of guys never grow out of it.
They grow old only and become a lonely man. Life isn't about seeing how many women you can get with. It is about finding one that you can share your life with. Someone that will be there for you when you grow to an old age.
She should be the one

Aaliyah Are You That Somebody Opinion

Aaliyah Are You That Somebody: The Opinion

Aaliyah Are You That Somebody is about knowing if a man is right for a girl or not. Women want to know if you are going to be serious about the relationship or just try to hit it and quit it. What she means by that is are you going to be the one that comes home right away after work or go out with friends first. If she calls you and your at the club, she might take that as a bad sign.
If you didn't let her know that this is what you were going to do, she might hold things back from you that are serious. For one, maybe her feelings are twisting in another direction. If she starts to express those feelings to you and you want it to work, you have better do what your suppose to. Prove to her first that she can trust in you.
Leave out the friends for now. They will always be there. A woman trying to figure you out won't if you don't express to her that you are the one. Concentrate on her first then your friends later.

Aaliyah Miss You Opinion

Aaliyah Miss You: A Deep Opinion Of What It Means
Aaliyah Miss You is dedicated to Aaliyah and everything she represents as both a music artist and a person. Her tragic death took the world by surprise. How can such a beautiful young lady such as herself die at such an early age? It's because God needed an angel like her next to him.
The charities that she provided to was a tremendous help to them. She was one of the sweetest women on the planet. She cared about everyone else before herself. Unfortunately, God needed her more than we did.
We were emotional because of her death but she is in a better place now than we are. People like Aaliyah deserve to be where they are. Away from all the pain that we encounter on a daily basis. I am happy to say that I was able to experience her music during my time while she was still alive.

It's such a nice feeling to know that I got to experience the heart of an angel while listening to her music. Her music even means more to me now th…

Aaliyah Songs [The Best She Made]


Drake Childs Play Opinion

Drake Childs Play: An Opinion Of What It Means

Drake Childs Play is representing women out there that want to be ignorant acting crazy when there is no need to. A man like Drake gives a woman his world and they want to try and take advantage of it. She wants to fight with him in front of other people to get recognized like she is right and he is wrong. They want to act paranoid to the point that they are pissing off a good man that took them in.
I can't understand some of these women now a days. They are all about themselves but haven't proven that they are worth it to some guys like Drake. All he is trying to say is have some manors and be good. Stop acting like a child playing around like they are kids. This is a time for you to respect what you got.
They seemed to think that they are above everything else. They have no respect. They want to get to a man's mind and hypnotize them into thinking that they need all the attention and not the dude that is getting them ever…

Drake 0 To 100

The True Meaning Of Drake 0 to 100

What I think when I hear Drake 0 To 100, I believe in ambition to succeed. I see people being able to get where they got to go in life as quick as they want to. It depends on how much they want something. Are they desperate?

Is the struggle real? Look at some of these artists situations. I wonder if they would be famous today if a job that they knew they needed would have hired them. Instead, they were stuck with minimum wage jobs that didn't support them and their kids.

They had to use their focus on something that would work. A lot of these hip hop artists came up with real lyrics that involved them and what they were going through. The fans became interested so quickly because it related to what they go through daily. The talent comes from real life not singing.

When someone needs to get somewhere, they will make it happen. If they focus all their energy into it, results will show. If they feel like they don't have any other answer, they …

Drake Back To Back

The Deeper Reason We Like Drake Back To Back

"Drake Back To Back" reminds me of all those who thought I didn't know what I was doing back in the day. I told them that I would be on top with my goals but I could never get the support I needed out of them. I found out really quick that it didn't matter what they thought, only what I did. I realized that I had to put in the work instead of through out an idea.

With that being said, when you know you are out to prove a point, do so. Don't let the negativity of others get in your way. When you feel like they are trying to hold you back, get rid of thinking you should impress them. Be true to yourself so when you here songs by Drake, you can keep your level of confidence at a all time high.

Once you succeed to what you set out to do, throw it back in their faces to get your revenge. Feel good while you do. Let them know that they were wrong. They will realize that they should have had your back the whole time you were se…

Drake Successful

Why We Should Pay Attention To Drake Successful
Drake Successful is a vision of wanting to do what it takes to make a new life. We are so use to the way things are yet we find ourselves trying to be creative in order to have a better life. We aren't happy with taking what everyone else accepts. We want to do better for ourselves.

If we have kids, it makes it even more interesting. We want them to know that Dad tried harder for us instead of just accepting working so many hours and never seeing them. Our kids understand that bills need paid but it is no excuse to just give up on trying to work less and spend more time with them.

We grew up thinking that once we make it through high school and college, things would be easy. This isn't always true. We are still working for someone else instead of for ourselves. We have to follow someone else's rules. If they say we need to work, we do.

They say when we take a vacation. Usually that is once a year. What if we want more than t…

Drake Hype

What I believe Drake Hype Means
When I listen to Drake Hype, I think about how all these dudes want to know how I do it. The thing about it is there is no right or wrong way. You have to go with the flow and do what you have in you. It's not like you can say a step to step recipe on how you went about doing what you did.

The bottom line is you either have it or you don't. If you want to learn something, figure it out for yourself. There is no taking advice from anyone else. Take advice from yourself.

You can figure out way more things by understanding by taking a look at things. There isn't a way you can get the full experience by listening to someone else. They might miss a few things while they are trying to train you. Once you have reached deep inside for something you pulled out finally, don't leave yourself vulnerable.

Be sure to learn along the way of what you are capable of. Don't let someone persuade you in a different path. You will make the right decisio…

Drake Worst Behavior

What Drake Means In "Worst Behavior"
Drake Worst Behavior is about remembering all those skeptics that were against what you were trying to become. The ones who said you didn't have it in you to be what you wanted to become. They thought you were all talk but had no idea you were going to walk it. Do you give those people any credit now that you are who you said you were going to be?

Nope with a capital "N." All of the sudden they come up to you like nothing ever happened. They want to come hang out and be apart of your success. This is when you let them have it.

Let them know what kind of person they were to you. Tell them how fake they are now that they want to come say what's up. Let it be said that no matter what, you won't associate with people that didn't believe in you from the start anymore. You realize there will be more fake people out there that you haven't yet met.

At least this time, you can spot them out. It will be easy for you t…

Drake The Language

Drake The Language

Drake The Language is realizing what you have now in life after you worked so hard for it. Once you have made it though, you must be aware of those trying to mess it up for you. There will be jealousy out there. Maybe even from the people that you use to know will still have negativity towards your success just because it isn't something they would do.

You know that you have succeeded when you are able to travel and do what you want like Drake. Yes, I understand, he has the money. All Drake is saying in "The Language" is that he is on a different level. He wasn't always this way though.

That's his understanding of what his language is, excluding all of those that he grew apart from and those who he hasn't yet met. He has his own focus on things and stays aware of those who will try and take it from him quicker than he got it.

When you work hard towards something, remember to guard it at all costs. Be paranoid cause if you aren't then y…

Drake Started From The Bottom

Drake Started From The Bottom

Drake Started From The Bottom is when you had nothing in your life but a couple of pairs of cloths to wear. You had no money to spend on a car or a bus ticket, even. You walked to work at the local store where you made minimum wage. When you got your check, it paid for a couple of meals and bought you a bus ticket back home for that day so you didn't have to walk 3 miles to get home just for one day.

After you realized that your life couldn't continue in this direction. You no longer accepted being broke. You tested out your talent and became something you only imagined in your dreams. It became a reality.

Now you are a rich and successful person. You own 4 cars, one for each season. Your house has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths in it. You hired a maid to clean your house.

Your days of hitting on pretty women just to always get turned down are over. Now those same fake women are all over you. They blow up your phone constantly wondering how your day went …

Set Your Own Goals

Set your own goals with it and make them a little challenging but still accomplish-able
All I am saying is don't do the average amount of work just to get by. always do the "extra credit" as well as look into what that credit meant. You can't always think that you are going to get results to further yourself in life by seeing what is presented to you.
You must go out there and find something above and beyond that you are not usually doing on a regular basis. If you only have the mindset of waking up everyday and going to work to receive your paycheck in two weeks, you are on the wrong path to success.
The more and more you count on someone else to give you that freedom, the more pissed you will be when it comes down to them not being able to. You can no longer count on anyone but yourself to become something other than the average. Only you can tell yourself that you will succeed like no other can.
In order to be confident in yourself, you must find what it is that …

Treat It Like It Was Important

Treat it like it was important instead of thinking you can get away with not doing it since you control that activity
What I am trying to say is that when it comes to your future, it should be treated as if there was no tomorrow. Having a hard life dealing with so much, you must always remember that getting a better life is what matters the most. You can't accept the comfort zone of feeling ok about less stress is better. What I mean is taking out things in life and not replacing it for the better is not the best.
The best comes from opening what you have within you. Knowing that you can accomplish so much on your own is gold. You shouldn't have the mindset of knowing you don't need to deal with the negative anymore. You should realize that it is time to bring more positive in your life. You can only do this while you are alone.
The reason I say that is because when you are with someone, they either think you are full of it or they are against it because they can't do…

Use The Same Amount Of Energy

Use the same amount of energy for that different activity that you would use with a normal routine activity

What I mean by this is the confidence boost you have while working your normal job needs to be used while you are learning your goals. You have a high self esteem due to the fact that you are maintaining hours to provide for either yourself and/or your family. The energy needs to have the same results when providing for your future.

It is not wise to keep yourself limited daily because you are going from paycheck to paycheck. The routine of you preparing for the better everyday along with handling your monthly bills need to have the same importance. It might seem overwhelming at first, but following confidence boosting songs by Drake will help you realize that there is a better life other than what you have now.

Don't let too much time pass to the point where it is too late to do anything about your future. It is wise to start now while you still can so you will start seein…

Wake Up In The Morning Thinking

Wake up in the morning thinking about what it is you are going to do other than the normal routine of what you usually do
Waking up in the morning wondering about what you are going to accomplish is a very important subject. You don't want to think about only work. That is the wrong idea. What I am talking about is realizing that in order to make a step towards your future, you must think outside the box. How will you use some of your time up that will brighten up your goals? 
Understand that watching the news and learning about other things that are going on will not help you increase your chances of becoming a successful independent person. Work is only a way to maintain. Thinking about that you have to go in within the next 4 hours or so will get you no where. Come up with some steps that you will accomplish before you go in to your regular routine of making a living.
I am not saying use up every minute you have other than working. All I am suggesting is that we go out there a…

Never Overwhelm Yourself

What It Means Not To Overwhelm Yourself
What I think about when I understand the fact of overwhelming yourself, I believe that people try to do too much. If they do, they won't accomplish what they must. In order to become successful, you have to have patience. Patience is learned from knowing what your future can be if you have it.

What you expect in life can be achieved as long as you sit back and make minor changes to create a natural affect to your dreams you want. Never allow your daily stress to get in the way of what you want to do. If you have been wanting to do it for a long time now, keep your focus on it.

People throughout your life will come and go. You on the other hand will be the main source of making yourself happy forever. What I am saying is your self confidence is key. Never give up on what strengths you have on your own. You will only fail yourself if you do so.

Keep in mind that your past experiences have failed you. You tried your hardest to make things work…

Be In Charge Of Your Own Focus

What It Means To Be In Charge Of Your Own Focus

Taking charge of your own focus means to do what you think that must be done. Just because other people have a common lifestyle that they meet doesn't mean you have to as well. Focus on yourself and what you think that can be possible if you try it.

Never listen to someone that will speak negative towards your ideas. You may in fact have a great idea that will place you in the right path of success. Letting a negative person tell you that it will not work will force you into believing what they say. They could just be making that comment because they don't care to have any ideas for themselves.

You might just be that positive person that sets their minds to something and chances are it will happen. You can't give up just because you hear one comment from another saying it is stupid. Understand what you must do in order for your idea to work and do it.

Leave everyone else out the mix until you see results for yourself. If som…

Believe In Yourself No Matter What

What It Means To Believe In Yourself No Matter What You will find that life is a tough road to follow. Having the self esteem to pursue it all the way through is something that many seemed to find hard to do. In order to be successful in this day and age, you must first start with yourself. Understand exactly what it is that you can provide to society. 

That means helping others with objectives that they might not be able to physically or mentally do on their own. This can be something that you have knowledge in that others may not have. It can also mean that you have a physical strength to do a project that some may have lost physically to do.
The main point is to know that you have something to provide that someone else may not. This should give you the self esteem to believe in yourself when others might not give you that support. We go through life disappointing certain people that we may have been close to at one time.
Just because you might have a lost a way of living from th…

Self Esteem Quotes You Want To Follow

Self Esteem Quotes That You Want To Learn For Yourself

Having faith in yourself by believing that you can accomplish anything may be the best self esteem quote that you can go by throughout life. You can't let anyone tell you that you don't "have it in you." Be confident regardless of what is said about you.

It is not often that people can do this for themselves. There is life to be lived after-all people. I know this may be rough for you but you have to do your best in order to be in charge of your own focus. What I mean by this is people are going to want to through in their "two cents." If it is positive, take their advice. If they lead you in the wrong direction of what you think you can do, ignore them immediately.
Sometimes people will want to accomplish too much which brings down a person's self esteem. Learn how to take baby steps and evaluate the progress that you have made a little at a time. Taking on too much responsibility with a goal will…

Eminem Songs That Boost Your Confidence

4 Songs By Eminem That Will Increase Your Confidence

When I listen to Eminem Not Afraid I find that we must eliminate all fears of what is preventing us to become successful in a career. It's all about being strong in your decisions. If you want to do something, be sure and follow through with it. Don't let road bumps distract you from your focus.

In order to boost your confidence, you have got to pay attention to your thought process. If you believe it is the right thing to do, then don't take any advice from anyone else that may not have the amount of effort as you do. Learn what you need to for yourself and pursue it no matter what others will think about your decision.

When I listen to a confidence boosting song like Eminem No Love, I realize what it will be like when I have proven to myself that I was right. Everything that people have told you in the past about you being full of it and your ideas will never work have been proven wrong. You are now the correct one. T…

Lack Of Confidence Is Not Acceptable

When it comes to having a lack of confidence I often ask myself, how can you improve your confidence level? I never accept not having confidence because it is not the way I want to live. I feel like in order for people to do well in life, they must build that strength to keep their head on straight. Without out that power, you will find yourself giving up.

This is just something I can not do. When I wake up everyday, I like to know what I am going to accomplish on my own. I am not talking about what you already have to do for the day such as working and paying bills. I am talking about what step am I going to take to improve my future.

I am not trying to be stuck in the same life style forever. I want to know that there can be something better at all times. Whether it is me talking to you as a confident person, trying to get you on my mindset of using your strength, or accomplishing other projects that I don't "have to do," but I "want to do." 

There is a major di…

24 Confident In Yourself Quotes [All Original]

24 Interesting Be Confident In Yourself Quotes To Enjoy When you read the quotes of confidence below, realize that you only live once. It is up to you what you do with it while you are here. If you don't like the way things are in your life, there is only one way to make it better. Be confident in yourself. That is the only way. You can't take any shortcuts.

Winning the lottery would be the only shortcut. Robbing a bank would be the illegal way of course. How far would you get with both of these though? If you won the lottery you would still not be as confident because it all came from luck. Would you know what to do with the money at that point? Probably not.

Many say that they would invest it in this or that. Would you really do that though? You will never know unless it happens. When it does, chances are you will blow all the money as quickly as possible. only a few that I know of at least have actually made a success out of it. It still doesn't mean that you have gain…